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Basil Moreau – Cause for Canonisation

Cause for canonisation

“When a potential miracle occurs, it will be presented to the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints for their study.

In many of our houses and ministries, prayers are offered daily for the canonization of our holy founder, Blessed Basil Moreau. I know that this will continue to be the case until, on God’s schedule and not ours, a miracle will be accepted and the canonization will take place at some time in the future. Perhaps this will happen at a moment when the Universal Church needs the example and the extraordinary gifts Father Moreau offered to the Church in many lands through education, pastoral ministry and in many other ways.”

– Reverend Richard Warner, C.S.C.,
Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross
November 24, 2013


Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed Basil Moreau


Lord Jesus,

source of all that is good,

you inspired Basil Moreau

to found the religious family of Holy Cross

to continue your mission among the People of God.

May he be for us a model of apostolic life,

an example of fidelity, and an inspiration as we strive to follow you.

Lord Jesus,

you said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

We come to ask you that you hear our prayer.

It is through the intercession of Basil Moreau that we ask…

(state your intention)

May we learn to imitate his holiness and service a

nd look to him confidently in times of need.




To report any favor received through Blessed Basil Moreau’s intercession, please contact:

Congregation of Holy Cross
Via Framura 85
00168 Rome